Uprooted from my home in London when I was seven, I moved to Christchurch and have lived there ever since. Living ten minutes from a beach and an hour away from a ski field is definitely no burden, but my recent holiday back to London has left me yearning for the busy city life. With my final year as a student under way I am practically packing my suitcase already - New York, London, Paris … here I come!


I wish I could say I uprooted from some cool city, unfortunately not. Born and raised in Christchurch, but I can’t complain – New Zealand is definitely not a bad place to grow up! I have always dreamed of visiting the fashion capitals of the world, so next year I can’t wait to expand my horizons and be amongst the hustle and bustle of New York, London & Paris, living my dream at long last! Jump aboard and enjoy the ride! 

- Cinnamon